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Frequently asked questions/Problems with web page

I cannot call up scans of the notes.

When calling up the web page you must use www. If you fail to do this, you will not see the scan icon show up at the far left of each note.

Why are there so many SOLD notes listed on your site?

Since there are so many new visitors to the web site, I feel that it is important to show the kinds of notes that I have had in the past. This provides good comparison information and helps a prospective buyer to compare my material to others and to what they are looking for. I try to clean up the SOLD notes on a timely basis.

I did a Google search and found a note but is was sold a long time ago! What happened?

Doing a search for a specific note or town will call up any old versions of the page that had that note listed. That page could be several years old! We apologize but that is a factor of the seach engine.

Do you BUY notes?

YES, I do buy notes and am anxious to know what you have for sale. I need to buy in order to have a nice selection of material for my customers. I welcome your emails and scans of notes, but please note that it is very difficult to provide a proper offer without first seeing the notes. In many cases only a price range can be given. Upon seeing the notes I will make a fair and confidential offer. Please contact me and I will work with you.

Do you sell on eBay?

NO, I do not sell on eBay but have instead invested my time and money into my own web site. While there are many good and reputable sellers out there, many dishonest persons have chosen to DUMP/HYPE their material on eBay. On my web site I publish my grading standards, my PCDA Code of Ethics and my professional affiliations and qualifications. I stand behind my material and offer a full refund, no questions asked! I do not hide behind a "moniker", I let the buyer know who they are dealing with. You don't have to grade my notes yourself by viewing a picture of a note taken on someones kitchen table!!