Kyzivat Currency

(Q&A)/Market Commentary

Our Policy on Third Party Graded Notes

There is no doubt that Third Party Grading of Currency is here to stay!  The 2 major grading services, PCGS and PMG, have firmy established themselves in the current marketplace and have the confidence of the vast majority of dealers and collectors.  While we may not all agree with every note graded, we know that we can depend on their impartiality and grading consistency.

We have been handling more and more Third Party Graded Notes and feel that it is time to elaborate on our terms concerning these notes.

We have always offered a full refund on ANY note that we sell, even Third Party Graded Notes.  We feel that we have the best terms in the industry.  Due to the market seeking the highest graded notes, Top of the Pop, we see efforts to upgrade notes by resubmitting them to another grading service.

OUR TERMS ARE:  All Third Party Graded Notes may be returned for any reason for a full refund IF -- still in the holder that they were sold in.  Any note REMOVED from its Third Party Graded Holder cannot be returned for any reason!  Notes broken out of their holders and submitted for grading with another service cannot be returned.

These are our terms and we feel that they are very fair.    Thank you - TIM