Kyzivat Currency

(Q&A)/Market Commentary


The currency market is very strong with good material continuing to be very hard to locate.   The market has been strong for a couple of years now but the prices on the Greensheet have not changed!!  The real market prices are distancing themselves from the prices on the Greensheet as seen in auction prices andsales to both collectors and other dealers.

We would like to see some changes to the Greensheet.  If you agree, let them know your comments.

#1  Add a column for VF30.  This is needed to bridge the gap between VF20 and XF40.  It is a MUST!  The gap between those 2 grades is way too high!

#2  Delete CU60 and replace it with AU58.  CU60 is a nonsense grade - it is likely a CH CU note with a problem/problems.  AU58 makes much more sense.

Anyone using the Greensheet as a price guide will be left behind in the dust!!