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03/17/2018 Just 3 new adds: $5 BB from Arthur, IL, $10 Red Seal from Belvidere, IL and a Fr#720 1918 $1 FRBN from Cleveland.
02/22/2018 Purchased a nice group of collector grade Large Size Type Notes: 1907 $5 Woodchopper, 3 Chiefs, a $5 FRN Red Seal, a Burke-Glass $20 FRN from Philly and a nice 1907 $10 Gold. Perhaps one is there for you!!
02/20/2018 NEW ADD: Fr# 301 1891 $10 Silver (Tombstone) in a very nice VF collector grade. Watch the MISC page for more new adds.
02/20/2018 We seem to be having a problem receiving orders thru our order page. Please send a regular email and we will respond with the notes that are available. We apologize for the inconvenience. We want to provide the best customer service that we can. Thank You!
02/16/2018 SEVERAL GREAT NEW ADDS!! Fr# 16 and Fr# 41, both in AU with great color and eye appeal. Also a Fr# 249 1899 $2 Silver with super low SER# 5, also in Ch AU!!
02/12/2018 More adv and misc notes added - also a nice copy of the Limpert Book on Large Size Currency.
02/04/2018 Today we added a superb set of 1929 FRBN's! A 3 note set of Boston district notes, $5, $10 and $20 with matching serial #s 22!! These are fresh from a 1994 auction and are here for your perusal!! A really super set!
01/26/2018 NEW ADDS - a beautiful 1934A $1000 Chicago mule in VF35 EPQ!! Also some interesting IL Obsoletes and additional MISC notes.
01/25/2018 NEW ADDS: Fr# 278 Chief Note and Fr# 869 $5 FRN Chicago with Burke-Glass sigs in ChAU! Also see our new page " Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper" with many MISC items! Who knows what we might be adding?
01/23/2018 We will be keeping our web page on line through the end of March. Seems we keep finding material that we want to sell. Please check with us and see what new items we may add.
08/17/2017 As many of our customers may already know, we are retiring from the currency business. We have been involved with the hobby/business for 50 years, the last 20 as a full time dealer. We will continue to add to our many collections but will not be setting up at shows or travelling to shows. We have set up a new page called Bargain Box on which we will offer group lots/notes at bargain prices. They are offered as-is with no returns - they are priced to sell. Check them out. We want to thank all of our customers and friends for their business and friendship. We will likely close down the web site by the end of the year. THANK YOU!