Kyzivat Currency


Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Obsoletes IL 1840 $2 Internal Improvement Office, City of Springfield. Maid at upper right, cherub left, signed and issued. Issued by Public Works of the State of Illinois bearing interest at 6% for improvements in the state. Signed and issued, ser# 1313B.
Ch CU $125
Obsoletes LA 18__ $20 Canal Bank, New Orleans, LA. Three maidens at center, cherubs left, woman standing right, fancy red back. A very common note but with nice eye appeal, especially the ornate red back.
Ch CU $40
Obsoletes LA 18__ $10 Canal Bank, New Orleans, LA. Large eagle spreads wings at top, fancy 10 counters upper corners, bold red overprint. Well margined with wonderfully detailed vignettes!
Ch CU $75
Obsoletes MI 18__ $3 The Cass County Bank. Indian stands over dead deer at center, Washington left, Franklin right. Note is payable at their Banking House in LaGrange.
CU $125
Obsoletes MO 186_ $3 State of Missouri Defence Bond. Maid with Cornucopia center, seal left, young girl right, large red THREE. This remainder note is CR# 17B, which is printed on watermarked paper T.C.C.&Co.
PCGSAU53 $110
Obsoletes MO 186_ $100 State of Missouri, Defence Bonds. Jefferson Davis at center, maid left, seal right, fancy counters at top corners, red 100, ornate green back. A beautiful note in top condition and sure to please the collectors of these Civil War notes.
Obsoletes NC 1863 $1 State of North Carolina, Raleigh, 1/1/1863, Cr# 132. Commerce and Industry at center, fancy counters in upper corners. Signed and issued with very light circulation.
Ch AU $30
Obsoletes NC 1861 $2 The State of North Carolina, Raleigh, 10/6/1861. Large title at top, ornate clauses at ends, signed and issued, ser# 4915. Variety with missing space between Oct and 6 in date. Well margined and very attractive.
Ch CU $50
Obsoletes NC 1863 $5 State of North Carolina, Raleigh, July 1, 1863, Cr# 124. Large steamship at center, maid with 5 in shield left, red 2 line FUNDABLE clauses at top. Trimmed in a bit at the left but with good color and nice sigs.
AU $35